5 Things to Know About PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Going Free-To-Play

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is transitioning to free-to-play beginning The month of january twelfth and getting by using it some big changes, we’ve got your back with 5 Items to Know before you decide to dive in to the battleground to have a chicken dinner.

PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS is celebrating the fight royale’s transition to F2P by providing away cosmetic products as rewards and use of Battlegrounds Plus for legacy players, and hosting special pre-registration occasions for newcomers. Whether you’d rather play in FPP or TPP, you will be searching stylish using the new Fight-hardened, captain’s camo, and highslide cosmetic item sets introduced plus the transition.

Prepared to drop in to the action? Take a look at PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS free of charge on Ps, Xbox, and PC beginning The month of january twelfth.


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