Aion – 8.0 Update: Aphsaranta Temple Trailer

The 8. update for that fantasy Mmog, Aion, can be obtained now and brings additional features, new opponents, products, and much more so players in Europe are now able to place their adventures in the realm of Atreia to exciting new heights. Browse the trailer for a glance at what to anticipate.

The 8. update extends the present level cap to 85. After reaching level 81, you’ll find the brand new battlefield in Inggison and Gelkmaros. Become an Aphsaranta Adventurer and relish the benefits of popular transformation when you storm Aphsaranta like a desert fox in adventurer clothing. New devices are available too, and much more.

In Aion, ascend to divinity and fight within an epic celestial war. Wielding divine forces and also the capacity for true flight, you have to bring salvation for your people and restore good balance to an enormous and delightful world shattered by cataclysm.

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