Amazon's New World Reportedly Bricking 3090 Video Cards – IGN Daily Fix

In the current Daily Fix, Don’t play Amazon’s MMO, ” New World “, for those who have an Nvidia RTX 3090 video card…unless of course you need to turn that $1,200 GPU right into a paperweight. It appears the beta for your open-world MMO is bricking a particular type of that GPU line, and there isn’t any treatment for it yet. Yikes. In other PC gaming news, Ubisoft is thinking about coming back to Steam when the Steam Deck will take off. The recently-announced PC handheld can enjoy the Ubisoft games already offered on Steam, however their latest titles, such as the approaching Long Way Away 6, are only offered via Ubi’s own digital store or even the Epic Games Store (if you would like laptop computer version). You need to observe that Ubisoft does have a tendency to support new platforms no matter their recognition (they’d a number of games around the Wii U), so may possibly not be too lengthy until you can include all of the Tom Clancy games you need to your Steam collection. And talking about Nintendo, the organization is updating its choices of retro games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers with three new games. There are several bangers inside, like Claymates. And Jelly Boy. And…Bombuzal. Yup, some real classics. Anyway, it is your Daily Fix!

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