Another PS5 Exclusive Delayed (For Good Reason) – IGN Daily Fix

In the current Daily Fix, we have got a bit of bummer news for Ps fans wishing for many sweet exclusives to experience this season. We are sad to are convinced that Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo, japan will not be haunting our consoles until 2022. However the delay is for a simple reason! What exactly is it, you may well ask? You will need to discover the shocking truth to discover. With Ghostwire’s delay, there aren’t any PS5 exclusives scheduled throughout the entire year passed September. Yikes. Switching gears from the game that is not out yet to some game which has been out for pretty much 3 decades, an enclosed copy of Mario 64 just offered for a lot of money. The prior record was copy from the Legend of Zelda on NES, which offered for $870K just days before. Not just did Mario cost significantly more, but it is additionally a newer game. What gives? In Final Fantasy news, Square Enix needed to stop selling digital copies of ultimate Fantasy 14: Online Complete Edition. The game’s servers happen to be absolutely packed lately, stopping beginners from even beginning the sport. Guess individuals are jumping in to organize for that coming expansion, Endwalker. Are you currently grinding away in FF14? Tell us within the comments. It is your Daily Fix!

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