Army of Thieves Review

Army of Thieves debuts on Netflix March. 29. Spoiler-free review by Zaki Hasan.

Whilst not without charm, the greatest factors working against Army of Thieves really are a confused hybrid of horror and heist genre tales as well as an approach which makes it unclear which audience – apart from probably the most ardent of Zack Snyder fans – it’s targeted at. While the thought of building the before-during-after of the zombie apocalypse is hardly uncommon (heck, AMC has generated its entire identity around doing just that using the Walking Dead during the last decade-and-change), Snyder’s Army from the Dead should not be the greatest vehicle for this as a result of insufficient depth towards the lore. As a bit of disposable entertainment it have been effective all right, but holding aloft a range of prequels and sequels might be greater than this army can muster.

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