Back 4 Blood – Official Campaign Trailer

Watch the most recent action-packed trailer for Back 4 Bloodstream to understand more about the narrative aspects of the campaign within the approaching first-person co-op zombie shooter game.

Motivated by their courageous leader referred to as “Mother,” who’s accustomed to bucking authority and it has never shirked from the challenge, the Cleaners really are a beacon of hope in humanity’s combat the Demon Earthworm infested zombies. Mankind stands around the precipice of extinction from the infected hordes that now roam our planet. Just the Cleaners holds back the tides from the infected and rally individuals prepared to fight and reclaim that which was their own.

Back 4 Bloodstream launches on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One Consoles, Ps 5, Ps 4, and PC on October 12, 2021.

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