Baldo: The Guardian Owls Video Review

Baldo: The Protector Owls reviewed on Ps 5 by Gabriel Moss. Narrated by Michael Swaim. Available too on Ps 4, Xbox, PC, Apple Arcade, and Nintendo Switch.

Under all of the aggravating bugs and shoddy design, Baldo: The Protector Owls is really a vast action-adventure RPG full of puzzles and treasures to locate. Should you stick to it lengthy enough, you could have some genuine fun exploring this Ghibli-style world and it is simple story, however it hardly takes care of through the very finish. The vast ocean of intricacies and unfair opponents you have to go through with little if any direction before getting there allow it to be easy to understand many people quitting Baldo before they have trained with anywhere near that lengthy.

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