Blast Brigade – Official Demo Release Trailer

A demo for that 2D metroidvania platformer, Blast Brigade, can be obtained now on Steam. Browse the latest trailer to satisfy a few of the figures, get a glance at game play, and much more.

The demo will feature two four special agents and 2 boss fights for players to sink their teeth into.

Within the final game, players may have control of four different figures which may be switched out at any time throughout the action to beat challenges within their path. Each character has their very own special gadgets to spread out up areas of the area paradise. Shaun, Shura, Galahad, and Vortex will need to interact to beat Dr. Cread’s evil automatic minions and also to stop him from taking around the globe.

Blast Brigade is releasing in Steam Early Access soon and it is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch, Ps 4, Ps 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S at the begining of 2022.

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