Chasing Static – Official Launch Trailer

Chasing Static, the retro mental horror game, launches on October 14, 2021 for PC. The sport may also be released on Nintendo Switch, Ps 5, Xbox Series X/S, Ps 4, and Xbox One out of Q1 2022. Browse the creepy new trailer.

Attempt an outing of remembrance and thought as Chris Selwood, a guy going to the dreary forests of rustic North Wales to pay for his respects at his father’s funeral. A mundane encounter by having an eerily familiar lady in a roadside diner within the Village of Hearth turns petrifying when a mystery horror attacks her. Chris falls unconscious from shock and awakens within the same coffee shop, now in ruins.

Chris navigates with the darkness within this disturbing new locale because he must uncover where he’s and why monsters and spirits roam this unsettling land. Unsanctioned experiments, lies told to family people, along with a strange bond using the waitress culminates inside a non-straight line, replayable story wealthy with secrets. Chris must understand an unsettling world drenched in mystery where he is able to not be certain what might be lurking round the next turn.

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