Children of Morta: Ancient Spirits DLC – Official Launch Trailer

Browse the trailer for a glance at Kids of Morta’s new playable character, Yajouj’Majouj. The brand new character comes included in the rogue-lite dungeon-crawler game’s Ancient Spirits DLC, currently available on PC, Ps 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

In Ancient Spirits, a brand new kind of warrior arrives getting two unique combat styles one fighter. Born from the love from a man along with a goblin, Yajouj’Majouj fluidly changes fight forms along with their fundamental and special attacks, switching between spinning whirlwinds of Spirit Embers or even the magnetic, wounding power a cool ally.

Alongside this extra character-playable in the household Trials mode only-the DLC includes new character masks to personalize each member of the family in addition to five relics, five charms, and five graces to supply players with new forces to help enhance combat and playstyle both in the storyline and Family Trials modes.

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