DARQ Developer Reacts to 26 Minute Speedrun (Alongside Speedrunner!)

Ride together with DARQ game director WLAD MARHULETS because he watches and reacts to 10,000 hrs of his effort being performed by speedrunner H1pp0_ in only minutes. Also, we thought this is an enjoyable someone to invite the speedrunner on for. If you want ideas in the mind from the runner themself, this is actually the episode for you personally!

Take a look at more from speedrunner H1pp0_ here:

https://world wide web.twitch.tv/h1pp0__​

https://world wide web.youtube.com/funnel/UC4SkuISCT1frk2DGZtvCsQQ

DARQ is really a game in regards to a lucid dreamer named Lloyd that has to bend the laws and regulations of physics to resolve puzzles and then try to avoid his nightmarish dreamworld. DARQ was initially released in August 2019 for PC, Ps 4, and Xbox One. It had been lately re-released because the Complete Edition for Xbox Series X, Ps 5, and Nintendo Switch. The Entire Edition includes The Tower and also the Crypot DLC packs.

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