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With Warner Bros. apparently choosing to cancel both New Gods movie from director Ava DuVernay and author Tom King in addition to James Wan’s Aquaman spin-from the Trench movie, there is lots to speak about in the current The Fix: Entertainment! The Hollywood Reporter printed an in-depth set of how Warner Bros. is continuing to move forward with Electricity Films and why they canceled both New Gods movie and also the Trench movie.

The choice to cancel the brand new Gods movie particularly may rub some Electricity fans the wrong manner. After many years of campaigning WB to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, legendary Electricity villain Darkseid (Ray Porter) finally made his DCEU debut, and also the character formerly referred to as Uxas was said to be the villain within the approaching New Gods movie that’s now canceled. Allegedly, Warners didn’t desire to use Darkseid again so soon, which was one of many factors that caused the brand new Gods movie to become canceled. It in all probability might have featured other 4th World Electricity figures produced by Jack Kirby for example Mister Miracle, Big Barda, and Orion. This calls into question precisely what WB does using their Electricity film strategy. Why will there be multiple Batmans (Film Clip, Michael Keaton, Taylor Lautner), Jokers, Flashes, Cyborgs, Supermans and Lois Lanes although not two cases of Darkseid?

Plus there is The Trench movie canceled, which could have been an Aquaman spin-off movie from James Wan concerning the titular finned monsters that range from deep, as observed in Arthur Curry’s solo movie starring Jason Mamoa. Based on THR, The Trench was canceled since it does not have sufficient ligament to Aquaman or even the greater DCEU.

As well as in other Entertainment news, Season 2 from the Netflix The Witcher series (starring Henry Cavill) wrapped production around the Witcher season 2. The Witcher Netflix series obtained care of to fans, while All of the Us Cinemax series is preparing for any huge shoot. All of the Us live action series is going to be visiting Cinemax, and fans are actually searching toward All of the Us show.

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