Dead by Daylight: Hour of the Witch – Official Trailer

Dead by Daylight’s Hour from the Witch chapter can be obtained now hanging around. Browse the trailer for an additional consider the new survivor, Mikaela Reid.

Haunted through the passing of her father, new survivor Mikaela Reid found security in the unlikeliest of sources: horror tales. The greater she read, the greater she also authored, sharpening her own tales of horror while creating a keen curiosity about witchcraft. After receiving an invite to read her work at the well known Endless Halloween Festival, Mikaela found herself affected by a number of disturbing occasions. Recurring nightmares. Strange visions. The disappearance of the friend. When she finally took to the level on All Halloween to inform her tale, a thick black Fog engulfed her to the audience’s amazement. Mikaela Reid never was seen again.

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