Death Stranding Director's Cut Review

Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on Ps 5.

“A lengthy listing of quality of existence enhancements certainly helps make the PS5 Director’s Cut probably the most feature-wealthy and accessible form of Dying Stranding. If you are yet to see its gorgeous vistas and general sci-fi weirdness and you are not switched off at the idea of the 40-hour fetch quest, this is the easiest method to enjoy its fiction using the smallest amount of friction. However, by providing us effective new cargo-moving tools that let us forgo heavily burdened hikes towards walking the road of least resistance, it diminishes frustration at the expense associated with a feeling of hard-earned gratification. This can be known as a “Director’s Cut,” however i will not help but believe that, for much better or worse, the PS4 original possibly more carefully resembles the director’s vision.”

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