Denis Villeneuve Reacts to Dune Winning IGN's Best Director of the Year

Making movies is really a team effort, but we all can agree company directors really are a pretty important a part of that equation. And 2021 would be a real showcase for gifted filmmakers who’re towards the top of their particular games. But towards the top of the very best there’s Denis Villeneuve, that has won IGN’s Best Director of the Movie in 2021 award. And Villeneuve delivered an acceptance speech for that award which you’ll watch that the following!

Denis Villeneuve performed magic with Dune, taking what were for such a long time regarded as the “unfilmable” words of Frank Herbert and putting them right onto a screen for all of us to determine in most their glory. The sheer proportions of Dune is one thing to behold – from the monolithic architecture, sky-filling ships, and monstrous score, it may be just a little overwhelming at occasions. Yet, Villeneuve seems to ensure that it stays expertly tied together by rooting it in personal and emotional bonds that everybody can connect with, for example someone looking for their world or even the love from a parent along with a child. An unrivaled spectacle, Dune makes good on the promise that lots of thought may not be delivered, and Denis Villeneuve deserves immense credit to make it happen.

Discover the shocking truth for Dune director Denis Villeneuve’s full acceptance speech.

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