Dishonored to Deathloop: Arkane’s Design DNA

Deathloop may be the latest game from Arkane Studios, a developer having a twenty year good reputation for making deep, immersive worlds full of interlocking game play systems. Most well-known because of its Dishonored series, all of Arkane’s games are particularly different, but all of them are built on some common concepts the developer has honed and improved through the years.

But exactly what are individuals concepts? And just how will they fit together? To put it simply, what is an Arkane game? It is a question that just somebody that helped build these games can truly answer. This is exactly why we spoke to Dinga Bakaba, creative director at Arkane’s Lyon studio, to uncover the intricacies of creating an immersive sim, and just how everything has altered from Dishonored to Deathloop.

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