Does The Flash Have Too Much Batman? | DC FanDome 2021

With Craig Allen themself Ezra Miller revealing at Electricity FanDome 2021 a teaser (although not a significant trailer) for that Flash movie being released in 2022, IGN’s Electricity FanDome hosts discuss the different Easter time eggs and comic influences (Flashpoint, The Brand New 52) in addition to if the movie has an excessive amount of Batman (both Michael Keaton and Film Clip) for any movie that’s said to be concerning the Flash. You will find an organization shot within the Batcave where you can find two Flashes along with a Supergirl (Sasha Calle), among the Flashes is putting on Keaton’s spray-colored Batsuits, and they are attempting to recruit Keaton’s Batman for their multiversal Justice League Of America squad. Despite the fact that we did not obtain a Flash trailer at Electricity FanDome 2021, Ezra Miller’s sneak peak gave us phone new Flash costume, a tease for that Flashpoint story focused on Barry’s wayward make an effort to save his mother Nora Allen, and lots of teases for that return from the Tim Burton Batman-verse, from Michael Keaton’s Batman towards the Burton Batmobile (within tarp). The 2022 Flash movie appears like it’ll experiment within the DCEU’s multiverse to inform a tale involving multiple Flashes (could Grant Gustin create a cameo?) and multiple Batman within an alternate reality, therefore we debate whether they are leaning an excessive amount of into Batman nostalgia rather to do something all new and fresh centered on the Flash.

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