Dungeons & Dragons with The Dungeon Run | Ep. 52: The Lighthouse on Ocean Skull Point

Hey IGN Dungeons & Dragons fans, The Dungeon Run has returned for an additional episode! So Join Shaun Cannata and co. because they go back to the Isle of Rum and appear to confront the Viscount Winger-Sticks Envoy to learn more concerning the mysterious Original Copies in ‘The Lighthouse on Sea Skull Point.’

If you are a new comer to The Dungeon Run, never be afraid of the amount of episodes. At the outset of every episode, our dungeon master Shaun recaps all of the essential info it’s important to benefit from the episode. You don’t have to begin with episode one. But when you are enjoying this episode, don’t hesitate to return watching more in the back catalog!

From your buddies at Caffeine, The Dungeon Run is really a weekly stream from the classic tabletop RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, featuring Shaun Cannata because the Dungeon Master. This episode follows Shaun (the DM) and the merry gang of tabletop roleplayers because he leads them with an original quest filled with DND tales that are certain to keep viewers close to their seats.

In situation you have been living in the cage during the last forty-odd years or can’t stand games, Dungeons and Dragons (a.k. D&D or DnD) is really a fantasy roleplaying game, printed by Wizards from the Coast, in which the Dungeon Master prepares an offer and rules that direct players with the story because they roll dice and interact to try and overcome the difficulties resulting from the plot. For additional info on Dungeons and Dragons, beginners should browse the Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition Players Guide (that also passes DND 5e).

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