Dying Light Hellraid: The Prisoner – Official Cinematic Trailer

Browse the motion picture trailer for that free update for Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC. The disposable update brings a brand new story mode, in addition to new areas, weapons, and visual and technical enhancements.

Pull out your weapons and switch around the old arcade machine again, adventurer. Something’s happened inside Ba’al’s Temple and you can seem to be two powers calling you against within. One appears familiar, you might’ve heard it before, clarified it also. But still, it feels altered. However the other, it’s new. Though mysterious and eerie, the greater you participate in it, the greater it attracts you. A lot that you simply will not help but look at what’s behind the portal.

The disposable update for Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC can be obtained today for PC, Ps 4, and Xbox One.

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