Even Rockstar Seems to Be Leaking the GTA Trilogy Remakes – IGN Daily Fix

In the current Daily Fix, the GTA trilogy remastered collection is a step nearer to release, as evidenced through the Rockstar Launcher being updated with a lot of references towards the trilogy. Also, the code mentions ‘unreal’, that is likely associated with previous reports that GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas appeared to be ported towards the Unreal Engine. Crazy factor is, Rockstar has not even announced these games yet. However, they’ve been taking lower HD mods for individuals games lately, that is most likely because they are going to sell you their very own HD remasters and clearly do not want you providing them with free of charge with simple mods. Anyway, we’ll most likely hear something official from Rockstar soon. The ultimate Smash Bros. fighter continues to be revealed and it is the one and only Kingdom Hearts’ Sora. Congratulations to any or all the KH fans available, because this would be a lengthy time coming. Sora will fit in well with Samus, Banjo, Kazooie, Marth, and also the whole gang, but hopefully he leaves everything confusing Kingdom Hearts lore behind him do not want that clouding in the clearly deep and wealthy lore of Super Smash Bros. And lastly, PS4 and Xbox One players is going to be titled to some free next-gen upgrade of Battlefield 2042 when they purchase the regular, fundamental-ass digital edition from the game. You don’t need to buy any other-costly version, only the base game. HOWEVER, and this will be relevant, last-gen console players will have to purchase the NEXT-GEN Form of the sport, and you will get the final-gen version free of charge. So there is no confusion, we’ll express it again. If you are considering playing Battlefield 2042 on the Ps 4 or Xbox One and also you want the choice to experience it on next-gen if/when you are getting a brand new console, you have to purchase the next-gen digital form of Battlefield 2042. That next-gen copy includes the final-gen version. You receive both.

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