F1 2021 Review

Reviewed on Xbox Series X by Luke Reilly. Available too on Xbox One, Ps 4, Ps 5, and PC.

“F1 2021 is the greatest-searching and many customisable instalment from the lengthy-running Codemasters series up to now, and the opportunity to tinker underneath the hood from the core career experience and play co-op having a friend is extremely welcome. With the help of Braking Point it is also perhaps the boldest F1 game to date. The characterisation is a touch underdone and also the E for Everybody approach means the correct answer is an airbrushed undertake the F1 world when compared with Netflix’s tense and profanity-laden Drive to outlive, but injecting a tale mode in to the F1 series would be a risk really worth taking and I am certainly searching toward much more of it.”

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