Fallout Worlds Will Be Fallout 76's Testing Ground For Bethesda's Wildest Ideas

The brand new Fallout Worlds update just been put into Fallout 76, with it comes down both private and public custom worlds where players can tweak the game’s settings to experience how they want. IGN sitting lower with Bethesda Games Studios’ Mark Tucker and Bo Buchanan to talk about just what players can get when diving into this latest update.

Fallout Worlds introduces two new customizable methods to play Fallout 76. Public Worlds will have a rotation of themed encounters which will change the planet for those players. To illustrate a choice known as Happy Builder, which will reduce building limitations and disable PvP. The update also introduces Custom Worlds, which is readily available for individuals who sign up for Fallout first, the game’s premium membership. Here, players can produce a game world tailored for their liking.

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