Far Cry 6: Causing Carnage in Co-Op

IGN’s Amy and Stevie have planned a car trip across Long Way Away 6’s island of Yara towards the Valle Prehistorico military base, that they intend to liberate from Anton Castillo’s callous military.

Having a heavily armed vehicle along with a pet croc with you, what may go wrong? Backed by Ubisoft and Xbox Series XS.

Long Way Away 6’s beautiful island setting is regrettably controlled by callous dictator Anton Castillo! So IGN’s Amy and Stevie have planned just a little co-op journey, beginning within the capital of scotland- Concepcion, and going to the Valle Prehistorico military base to obvious out Castillo’s goons and get back this prehistoric theme park for anyone. They’re taking lots of firepower, including resolver weapons for example La Clavadora, El Susurro, and also the Tostador, alongside supremo backpacks, the Medico and also the Exterminador. They’re also getting their amigos, Chorizo the sausage dog and Guapo the crocodile along for many added assist in combat, and worries equipped with a mounted turret and battering ram, because the vehicles in Long Way Away 6 all can be modded with resolver weaponry, attachments, and offensive or defensive armaments. Clients meet to defend myself against the FND base at Valle Prehistorico and liberate it from Castillo’s army. On the way additionally they find yourself in trouble into an ambush, in addition to undertake a checkpoint filled with pads, fly an airplane, and also have a wingsuit race! Produced by Ubisoft players can check out co-op in Long Way Away 6 on their own once the game launches for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Stadia on seventh October.

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