Golf Club Wasteland – Official Announcement Trailer

Produced by Untold Tales and Demagog Studio, Club Wasteland is really a side-scrolling platformer/golf puzzle hybrid that you hit your basketball through courses which involve moving components, hazards, and obstacles. Each course/level informs a tale of the world which was, with satirical factors that poke fun in our present day lives. This really is all seem tracked by ‘Radio Nostalgia From Mars’, an invisible station for the future that suits the tastes of individuals fondly remembering the 2020s.

Club Wasteland has three distinct modes Story Mode is made for the greater casual player searching for any scenic game of golf and also to absorb the storyline of the dead Earth. Challenge Mode, meanwhile, sets a componen for every course and challenges players in the future within componen utilizing their skill and puzzle solving intellect. The toughest difficulty, Iron Mode, provides very little room for error which are more seasoned publish-apocalypse golfers.

Releasing on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this August, every copy of Club Wasteland has the digital soundtrack along with a graphic novel art book that expands the backstory from the lone golfer, Charley. A demo is going to be proposed by mid-June on Steam.

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