GTA Online Creator's New Game Is One of Gaming's Biggest Mysteries – IGN Daily Fix

Happy Friday! On today’s Daily Fix, Sydnee is going to be moving in-depth on a single of gaming’s finest modern mysteries. Former Rockstar dev, Leslie Benzies, has worked with an ambitious new game that’s been cloaked in secrecy, regardless of the community which has popped up around it. What we should can patch together from patents is the fact that Everywhere is a multi-player open-world title set soon. Players can buy their very own in-game goods for example vehicles along with other objects and make content for example minigames. Seems like similar to Grand Thievery Auto Online for you, it’s because Benzies is one among the masterminds behind GTA V’s sprawling online kind. And finally, 343 Industries developers have says Halo Infinite is going to be missing a couple of fan-favorite features from records past.

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