Hawkeye: MCU Timeline So Far

Hawkeye is due Disney+ before another MCU series hits the bullseye, it’s time for you to compensate for everybody’s favorite archer and father of three, Clint Barton. From his cameo introduction in Thor to his infinity gauntlet run in Avengers: Endgame, here’s Hawkeye’s complete MCU story to date.

He may not be the mightiest Avenger (or even the smartest, wealthiest or Hulkiest) but man is he handy by having an arrow. Loyal agent of SHIELD using the rare secret identity of “loving family man” Jeremy Renner and Hawkeye happen to be mainstays within the Marvel Motion picture World since Phase 1, more or less a “where’s Hawkeye” stint during Infinity War. He might’ve taken some crap from Ironman Tony Stark, but he was there when Captain America Steve Rogers needed him in Civil War. He and the closest friend Black Widow Natasha Romanoff go completely to Budapest, after losing her in Endgame, glued with Scarlett Witch Wanda Maximoff over losing her family member, Vision. But because he moves into his Disney+ series is he going to pass the mantle onto Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop?

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