How Gargoyles Redefined Cartoon Villainy

Within the ’70s and ’80s, cartoon villains were mostly petty losers. Figures like Physician Disaster and Skeletor could be defeated through the finish from the episode, simply to shake their fist and grumble in their minions until their next episode folded around… and things performed out mostly exactly the same once again.

But Gargoyles co-creator, co-producer and author Greg Weisman desired to change that.

Gargoyles, which ran from 1994 to 1997, would be a Disney show about ancient monsters which are — because the opening credits place it — “stone during the day, players by night.” However it would become even more than that, gaining a popularity within the years because it first aired which has stored it presents itself the animation landscape from that point period. And far of this status is caused by how Gargoyles treated its villains… and just how, by doing this, it helped to redefine cartoon villainy within the ’90s.

Watch the entire video where we speak with co-creator Greg Weisman and star Jonathan Frakes (David Xanatos) about how exactly the Disney cartoon Gargoyles switched its villains into winners, and helped to redefine cartoon villainy on the way.


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