How To Increase PS5 Storage – IGN Daily Fix

In the current Daily Fix, The new sony will ultimately allow you to upgrade the interior storage within the Ps 5. A brand new firmware update is originating that will help you to use a new m.2 SSD inside. But it gets better the update is getting: trophy tracking support, slightly tweaked UI, and 3D audio for loudspeakers. You heard right, the flamboyant seem tech that enhances your listening experience via earphones will quickly work with your exterior loudspeakers, too. Ps users who subscribed to the beta program can really try a few of these now by installing the update. Throughout us, well it will not be too lengthy. Meanwhile, take a look at IGN Deals on Twitter for sales on SSDs suitable for the PS5. Using the pc gaming aspect, we’ve got some not so good news. Select Alienware Aurora gaming rigs won’t shipped to certain states due to new power consumption needs. Apparently these Computers are extremely power-hungry for many condition rules. And lastly, Nintendo is updating Pokémon Snap on Switch with three new areas full of 20 new pokémon. Get snapping! It is your Daily Fix!

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