I Found A STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN In GTA 5.. (Secret)

Changing the LED Lights in Either Xbox 360 or PS3 Controllers

Do you intend to take your favored gaming consoles controller to the following degree? These couple of actions will show you just how to apply different color LED lights to your Xbox or PS3 controllers.

Game Crossovers: How Much Is Too Much?

Before, game crossovers utilized to be a huge point back in the day taking one franchise business to fight with another. Nonetheless, increasingly more video game crossovers are showing up as battle video games featuring large hit titles. The inquiry after that emerges: just how much is excessive video game crossover up until the idea comes to be stale?

The Best NES Accessories That Failed Big Time

Ever before come across the Laser Extent? How about the Roll & Rocker? These are the Nintendo NES list of accessories that have really made a document. In falling short, that is!

The History of Video Game Consoles – A Blast From the Past

Have you ever before questioned where your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 originated from? In this post. we’ll speak about the modest starts of the most popular gaming consoles being sold today in the marketplace.

How to Connect Your PSP to Your TV

Unlike common belief it is very simple to connect your PSP to your TV. In this short article I will go over the different methods to play your PSP on your TELEVISION plus the benefits and negative aspects.

Making Your PS3 Last Longer

The worst point is to see that yellow light, that indicates it’s time send it out for solution. So what can you do to prevent this? There are some easy precautionary steps you can take that will certainly give you long life in your pc gaming console.

Wii U Specs – Technical Specifications for the New Wii U Game Console

The Nintendo Wii U specs are much better then some anticipated and also will absolutely give its competitors a run for its money. This gaming console is loaded with power and will not let down on the graphics either.

What Is the Wii U Price – How Much Is the New System Going to Cost?

Wii U prices for the console, video games as well as accessories may surprise you as well as it will not damage the financial institution. Those that have actually been fortunate enough to play the Wii U say it is well worth it.

Modded PS3 Controllers: Get Really Good Really Fast

As a casual player, you have no rate of interest in obtaining ruined online when going versus men who video game 18 hours per day. You simply intend to go online as well as get you fair share of eliminates and headshots. So prior to you go out and also go down out of institution or quit your job, custom modded controllers are simply the service to also the playing area with these hardcore gamers. Modded controllers rapidly and quickly transform your single-shot as well as semi-automatic weapons to discharge like that of a fully-automatic weapon.


Nintendo has the behavior of updating it handheld systems periodically. It for that reason comes as no surprise to any ardent fan to understand that an upgrade of the 3DS console, the 3DS XL is now readily available.

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