IGN Expo Day 5 Livestream

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Pre-Show Charitable organization Stream:

Sekiro Speedrunner Countdown Challenge by LilAggy

Writer Showcase:

Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE stream (Square Enix) (10am PT) with IGN pre- and publish-shows

IGN Expo #5:

Exclusive Reveals, Trailers, Game play Demos, Developer Interviews, Previews


Cartel Magnate – Exclusive Trailer Reveal

Dreamscaper (Afterburner Studios) – Exclusive Game play Feature Deep Dive

Shadow Arena – New Hero Exclusive Trailer Reveal

A Virtual Detective: Chapter One (Frogwares) – Exclusive Behind the curtain Look

Game play:

Surgeon Simulator 2 (Bossa Studios) – Exclusive Game play

Fall Guys – Exclusive Game play Trailer

Room For Bravery (Ysbyrd Games) – Exclusive Game play and Interview

BioMutant (THQ Nordic) – Exclusive Game play and Experiment 101 Interview

Overcooked! 2 (Team 17) – DLC Exclusive Announcement and Reveal Trailer, and Exclusive Game play Reveal

Thank you for looking at IGN’s Summer time of Gaming! Make sure to stay tuned in to SoG as our editorial team shares hands-on demos, game play previews (including Xbox Series X game play and PS5 game play), developer interviews, and writer presentations- and it is all happening in live broadcasts! Throughout June IGN is going to be showcasing new games, 2020 Xbox news, and PS5 news. Summer time of Gaming may also feature news about approaching games, 2020 titles releasing for Playstion 5 and Xbox Series X, and much more exclusive game play footage.

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