IGN News Live: Sony Identifies The Last of Us 2 Leaker – 05/01/2020

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The new sony has determined who unhealthy actor behind the large Last people spoiler, Xbox boss Phil Spencer states the Series X is on track… but a few of the games might not be, Ubisoft states men and women protagonists in AC Valhalla will BOTH be canon, and The new sony continues to be speaking about plans for his or her future Spider-Man films world. Come talk to us here about these topics and much more, and tell us what else you would like to talk to us about Monday-Friday, the following on NG+!

ALSO! IGN is going to be streaming the interior Xbox Game Preview event, Thursday May 7 at 7:30am PDT the following, make sure to come come along to determine what new games Xbox is going to be revealing for Series X!


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