IGN’s Friendsgiving 2021 Charity Stream! – Playing Pico Park With Our Friends for GIVING TUESDAY!

It’s Giving Tuesday! Donate here! https://donate.ign.com

Join Stella Chung and Akeem Lawanson for just two chaotic hrs of Pico Park for charitable organization!

We’re raising money without Kid Hungry in their One A Lot Of Holiday Campaign. Every dollar you raise might help connect kids to as much as 10 meals! More information here: https://tiltify.com/no-kid-hungry/one-too-many-nkh-21

In the event that wasn’t awesome enough, No Kid Hungry’s leading partner, Citi, is going to be matching donations made on November 30, your day in our stream, as much as $200,000. You are able to lead to the fundraiser without Kid Hungry at https://donate.ign.com

Stella and Akeem are became a member of by:

AyChristene: https://world wide web.youtube.com/funnel/UCb9F1guxTPSBI-TIj1HtoyA

LuxieGames: https://world wide web.twitch.tv/luxiegames

Blessing Adeoye: https://world wide web.twitch.tv/blessingjr

Zach Ryan: https://world wide web.twitch.tv/zachariusd

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