Island of Winds – Official Announcement Trailer

Watch the enchanting trailer for that approaching adventure puzzle game, Island of Winds, occur an ethereal open world full of creatures in the myths and legends of Icelandic folklore.

Island of Winds goes to 17th century Iceland, plunging them right into a magical world teeming with trolls, giant spiders, and mythical creatures. Experience all this with the eyes from the magic-wielding Brynhild, part of the total amount Keepers who draws her magical power in the natural world.

Brynhild’s journey has her on the mission to find her mentor, Hrymja, which will take her through nine incredible landscapes that use Iceland’s stunning natural splendor. These locations are the fiery Lava of Skjól towards the treacherous Jökla lagoon and gleaming Obsidian Shore. Brynhild will face legendary creatures on her behalf journey, like the effective and regal Bear King, Hafgúfa – Protector from the Ocean and also the regal elven lady Vör from the Oasis.

Island of Winds launches in 2022 for Ps 5 and PC.

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