Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed – Official Launch Trailer

The most recent Killing Floor 2 free update visiting the very first-person shooter, co-op action game brings spooky new content, such as the new Killing Floor 2 Netherhold map, weekly game modes Wild West London and Abandon All Hope, Killing Floor 2 weapons, cosmetics, and also the return Halloween-themed Zed variants. Browse the trailer for Killing Floor 2’s Day’s the Zed update, currently available.

Within the Wild West London game mode, weapons are restricted to revolvers and lever actions and everything will appear correctly old-timey having a special sepia filter created for this latest mode.

With Abandon All Hope, undertake the utmost Difficulty Mode. A unique Kriss elite skin is going to be available in exchange for finishing the mode.

Furthermore, new weapons range from the piranha pistol(s) for Gunslinger / Berserker classes, corrupter carbine for Field Medic / Sharpshooter classes, HRG disrupter for Gunslinger class, and HRG tommy boom for Demolitionist class.

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