King Arthur: Knight's Tale – Official Classes and Character Management Gameplay Overview

Watch the developer diary for any introduction to the type management options together with a deep dive in to the six classes within the approaching tactical RPG, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Take a look to discover the combat abilities and much more for that Defenders, Champions, Marksman, Vanguard, Arcanist, and Sage classes. Furthermore, get a glance at unique heroes, artifacts, and much more.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale begins immediately after the famous fight of Camlann, having a twist: You’re Mister Mordred, the enemy of King Arthur, the previous black dark night from the harsh tales. You wiped out King Arthur, however with his dying breath, he struck you lower. Both of you died – but, both of you live.

The Woman from the Lake, the ruler from the mystical island of Avalon introduced you to finish a real nightmare. She would like you to take a knightly quest. She would like you to definitely finish that which you have started. Kill King Arthur – or whatever he’s become after she required his dying vessel to Avalon.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale leaves Steam Early Access and launch like a full release on Steam on Feb 15, 2022.

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