King's Bounty 2 Video Review

King’s Bounty 2 reviewed on PC by Leana Hafer. Available too on Xbox, Ps, and Switch.

“The sensation I revisit to with King’s Bounty 2 is just it’s fine. And often that bugs me greater than whether it were really problematic or damaged in some type of interesting way. The tactical battles punch above how much they weigh, and that i may have felt better about this if that is all there is: a number of interesting combat encounters with maybe a little bit of flavor text and a few shop menus among. But all of the plodding around to get at the good things is really a drag, and that i could not muster any enthusiasm for that story even if I had been trying my hardest. I would not warn anybody from checking it if you are really interested, however i wouldn’t counsel you to walk out the right path for this either.”

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