Kratos is Voicing Black Panther in Marvel's Avengers – IGN Daily Fix

In the current Daily Fix, Christopher Judge, who’s voicing T’Challa within the approaching Black Panther-centric expansion to Marvel’s Avengers, almost did not sign up for that role. If you are excited to listen to his bass-y voice again, you can thank his family for threatening never to talk to him again if did not agree. Valve has re-joined the console race (should you count the Steam Box like a console) using their Steam Deck. The hand held operates nearly the same as a Nintendo Switch—it even includes a dock—but with one major difference: this factor is really a handheld animal underneath the hood. It’s essentially a gaming PC inside a Switch formfactor. And if you would like much more details, take a look at our exclusive coverage around the Steam Deck on and our YouTube funnel. And talking about the Nintendo Switch, the Switch OLED model preorders increased today! Have you snag one? Tell us within the comments! It is your Daily Fix!

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