Life is Strange: True Colors’ Writer Shares Tips For Writing Games

We swept up with Felice Kuan, the senior staff author of Existence is Strange: True Colors, to obtain some insight on writing for game titles. From crafting a believable world to creating player choice matter, listed here are Felice’s strategies for game writing. Backed by Square Enix.

The most recent entry within the critically-acclaimed series, Existence is Strange: True Colors follows Alex Chen, a youthful lady who uses her psychic power Empathy to soak up and manipulate the feelings of individuals round her, and investigate truth behind her brother’s mysterious dying.

We spoke towards the game’s senior staff author, Felice Kuan, to obtain some advice on writing for game titles. If you are an ambitious gaming author who would like to enter into writing for games, Felice offers tips about crafting a believable world, developing relatable figures, making player choice matter, collaborating along with other departments for example art design and seem design, and how to locate inspiration and influences for writing in games. Produced by Deck Nine and Square Enix, Existence is Strange: True Colors has gone out now on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Stadia. It’ll arrive on Nintendo Switch later this season.

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