Lost Away – Official Announcement Trailer

Watch the brilliant announcement trailer for any look in the world and dangers that await within the approaching first-person, sci-fi survival game, Lost Away.

Occur a faraway, hostile yet beautiful planet outdoors in our solar system, players will discover themselves getting out of bed the lone survivors of the abandoned spaceship crash. Having a damaged radio, inhabitable conditions, and also the ship blown to pieces, the colony decides to not send for help, thus departing the only real survivor for dead.

Instincts is going to be offer the exam as explorers is going to be asked to wander through formerly uncharted territories, made to scramble for breathable air, sources, and building materials because they attempted to overcome this unforgiving survival experience. Set plans for any base and select to search or harvest the nearby wildlife. The understanding you get every day will end up key towards improving your odds of survival.

Lost Away is headed to PC via Steam.

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