Michael Keaton's Bloody Batman Suit Teased for The Flash Movie

Andy Muschietti, Director from the approaching The Flash movie, required to Instagram to provide Electricity/DECU fans a subtle look in the Michael Keaton Batsuit, that has the attempted and true colors you may remember from Keaton’s OG Batman costume, however with small splashes of bloodstream dripping lower the Batman bat emblem. Without any caption left by Andy Muschietti, fans remain to take a position exactly what the drops of bloodstream might mean for Michael Keaton’s Dark Dark night within the approaching Flash movie 2022.

Electricity comics fans are advised from the cover of Watchmen where we have seen drops of bloodstream on Comedian’s smiley face button. But when we go much deeper lower the Electricity comic rabbit hole, there’s two other comics this picture may be channeling, the very first being 2017’s The Button, where Batman and Flash get together to resolve a mysterious concerning the multiverse relating to the legendary Watchmen button. The storyline in ‘The Button’ really works as a buildup to Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s comic series, Doomsday Clock. The Flash 2022 movie is placed hitting theaters November 4, 2022. Till then, we’ll watch for the official The Flash 2022 trailer to decrease. I am sure electricity fans everywhere are excited to determine Michael Keaton Batman.

That Electricity Comics small-series really u . s . the Electricity primary super hero tales with this of Watchmen and provided readers by having an reason behind the alterations within the timeline that introduced concerning the continuity we have seen in DC’s super hero reboot run of comics, known in those days as “The Brand New 52.” This latest Flash movie with actor Ezra Miller has apparently taken some inspiration in the classic Electricity Flashpoint story arc, with producer Barbara Muschietti saying it’ll bridge the space between your DCEU timelines and perhaps restart all things in the general timeline. What could this Batman instagram publish mean? Let us explore!

In other super hero news, we simply got the official image from Physician Strange within the Multiverse of Madness … and it is a classic thing of beauty. A Twitter user named Adam Khan published official art in line with the approaching Marvel movie which was apparently given as a present towards the cast and crew. We’ll see what magic is coming up next whenever a Physician Strange 2 trailer drops. And lastly, John Wick is returning for a 4th round and he’s getting Ip Man. Martial artist Donnie Yen is going to be tossing blows alongside Keanue Reeves, playing a classic friend of Reeves’ John Wick, who apparently shares an identical background and most of the same opponents. All of this on IGN’s The Fix: Entertainment located by Akeem Lawanson!

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