Midnight Mass' Hamish Linklater Reacts to Winning IGN's Best Performance in a TV Series Award

Each year filled with unknown variables and unparalleled loss, an entire swath of talent demonstrated as much as ensure average folks had tales to retreat to. Some stellar performances were showcased in 2021, but because the Highlander once stated, there might be just one, and thus our champion to find the best Performance inside a Tv Show in 2021 is Hamish Linklater for Netflix’s Night time Mass. The star from the show delivered an acceptance speech for that award, and you may watch that the following!

It’s difficult to consider anybody who could’ve nailed the complicated Father Paul role that can compare with Hamish Linklater. As he enters Night time Mass like a mysterious and charismatic priest, we are immediately attracted to him — and it is that very same charisma which makes his entire journey impossible to show from. As Father Paul differs from empathetic community leader to intense religious warrior, this is an undeniably challenging role, but Linklater masterfully juggles all individuals layers to create probably the most unforgettable displays of 2021. Here’s wishing Linklater turns into a permanent person in Mike Flanagan’s “Flanagang,” because we’re able to watch much more of those complex and chilling performances.

Discover the shocking truth for Hamish Linklater’s full acceptance speech.


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