NBA 2K22 Review

National basketball association 2K22 reviewed on Ps 5 by Ricky Frech. Narration by Akeem Lawanson. Available too on Ps 4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

National basketball association 2K22 makes some welcome changes to the on-legal action. The brand new stamina product is a game title-changer, resulting in the series’ best offensive flow in a long time. Defensively, the tweaks to blocks and shot contests result in the paint a harmful spot to be. However, the intricacies and questionable choices and overuse of microtransactions in some of the modes ensure that it stays from as being a real contender. There is a high-quality basketball sim here, however it makes more unforced errors than you’d expect for any series which has been iterating for such a long time.

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