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The Nerd reviews several accessories for that NES to discover how bad or good they’re, such as the NES Zapper and Power Pad, the Konami LaserScope, the Brøderbund UForce, and also the LJN Roll & Rocker. Also, he spends a while discovering exactly what the Super Scope for that SNES is enjoy playing games with. This really is Angry Gaming Nerd Episode 47.

In 1985, the NES helped to revitalize the recording game industry following a crash of ’83. Nintendo elevated the bar if this found gaming consoles with this particular 8-bit entertainment console called the first to endorse third-party development. This, obviously, brought to a lot of games — and, the topic of this video, accessories made to boost the player’s knowledge about their games. Some were good — like the NES Max or even the Zapper, though much more were terrible. Today, The Nerd examines a few of the worst, or lesser-known, and determines whether they perform not surprisingly — like the Konami Laser Scope and also the LJN Roll ‘n’ Rocker, not to mention, hilarity ensues.

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