New York Ninja – Official Trailer (2021) John Liu

John (John Liu) is simply a typical man being employed as a seem specialist for any New You are able to City news station, until eventually his pregnant wife is brutally murdered after witnessing the kidnapping of the youthful lady in broad daylight. Embracing law enforcement for help, John soon learns the city is overrun with crime and also the information too busy to assist. Dressing like a white-colored ninja, John requires to the roads like a sword wielding vigilante hell bent on clearing up the roads from the city he once preferred among ridding it of muggers, pickpockets, rapists, and gang people. However, in John’s pursuit of justice, he soon finds themself the prospective of each and every criminal within the city, together with a mysterious villain known only because the Plutonium Killer. Will John survive to get the hero that New You are able to City so anxiously needs?

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