No More Snyderverse? Justice League 2&3, Batman, Flash, Cyborg Films Explained

Should you just finished watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League Of America on Cinemax Max (release date March 18, 2021), you might be wondering what’s designed to happen next within the Snyderverse. As numerous Electricity fans and fans of director Zack Snyder may know, the planned Justice League Of America trilogy following a Snyder Cut is not happening. That stated, the recently released Justice League Of America Snyder Cut still creates not just two more sequels but additionally other films within the Snyderverse–Ben Afffleck’s solo Batman film, Ezra Miller’s solo film The Flash, and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg film. Within this video we’ll cover that which was designed to take place in Justice League Of America 2 and three, Batfleck’s Batman movie, The Flash and Cyborg movies.

While Electricity fans may not get Snyder’s Justice League Of America sequels as initially planned, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement a minimum of got them the Snyder Cut itself on Cinemax Max. Snyder continues to be generously discussing information on what can have happened in Justice League Of America 2 and three, if the Snyderverse have ongoing. He’s spoken about how exactly the heroes of Earth would go ahead and take battle to Darkseid (Ray Porter) on Apokalips, the Knightmare future first observed in Batman v Superman: Beginning of Justice would become reality (as proven when Bruce Wayne/Batman comes in person with Jared Jeto’s Joker not seen since Suicide Squad), how that could have been brought on by Batman neglecting to safeguard Lois Lane, the dying of Lois Lane and Superman succumbing towards the Anti-Existence Equation and achieving evil Superman for Darkseid, Kevin Cruz added the Justice League Of America sequels plot would also boast the brand new Gods and also the Eco-friendly Lantern Corps (you will find which was a defunct Kilowog Easter time egg within the destroyed Justice League Of America headquarters after Superman wiped out Batman), and also in the finish Clark Kent and Lois Lane could be saved by Batman sacrificing themself because of Flash’s tip, thus stopping the Knightmare future and developing a new timeline in which the final Justice League Of America follow up jumps 20 a considerably long time where Lois and Clark raise their boy is the new Batman.

Talking about Batman, we cover that which was designed to take place in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, that was setup by Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) visiting Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) around the yacht within the Snyder Cut epilogue and also the bald Superman villain revealed Batman’s true identity, Bruce Wayne. Manganiello also shared what to anticipate within this Snyderverse spin-off that, regrettably, has since been canceled.

However, The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller continues to be set to produce in 2022, but because of director and author changes through the years, it is a vastly different movie compared to one ZSJL setup. The Snyder Cut comes with Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) and she’ll be coming back as Craig Allen’s love curiosity about the Snydeverse follow up The Flash, but Barry’s father won’t be performed by Billy Crudup as a result of scheduling conflict. The Flash movie isn’t canceled but it’ll be completely different when compared with that which was initially planned, even though it will still make use of the Flashpoint Electricity comic as inspiration because of its story, which might let it affect the Snyderverse forever.

Finally, we discuss exactly what the plan was for Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and just how he would obtain a solo movie along with a role within the Flash solo movie but both of them are apparently no more happening. Cyborg was the center from the Justice League Of America also it appeared obvious in the Knightmare vision he was destined to take to experience a large role within the Justice League Of America sequels as well as in the Snyderverse in particular.

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