Old Review (2021)

Old review by Robert Daniels.

Old is most effective if this concentrates on the horror of youthful people experiencing and enjoying the ravages old lengthy before time. Strong performances in the entire cast manage to hide what’s potentially the worst and least rhythmically believable dialogue of M. Night Shyamalan’s career, excluding his dismal live-action Avatar: The Final Airbender. And also the shocks of catharsis that lifted his previous works such as the Sixth Sense, Signs and Split are missing here because of pork-fisted explanations, including of products that would’ve been better left as mysteries. Nonetheless, Old is equally as profound just like any thriller Shyamalan has been doing. It’s a movie that most likely won’t merit repeated viewings, however that first is really a thought-provoking meditation on which this means to become alive which brings up dark, hidden feelings such as the water that kisses the sand.

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