Oxenfree 2 Preview: Expanding the Series’ Intriguing World

Oxenfree II is coming back towards the beloved franchise Night School Studio produced years back, and our first hands-off preview impressions promise a lot of original that players loved with new ideas, an expectedly unnerving story, and much more refined fidelity of their beautiful art. IGN’s Jonathon Dornbush breaks lower what he saw of Oxenfree 2’s game play, including impressions of Oxenfree II’s enhanced exploration mechanics, just like a rope that enables Oxenfree 2’s primary character Riley to achieve unpredicted areas of the Oxenfree sequel’s locale, Camena.

Also, he discusses a few of the inclusions in world and story building, such as the time tears opening around Oxenfree 2’s world, and just how individuals can impact progression and puzzle solving. We discuss how Oxenfree 2 is enhancing player choice with increased layered and nuanced possibilities for players to determine how you can react in Oxenfree II, not only via conversation but additionally in the way they decide to explore or ask figures.

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