Planet Zoo: Europe Pack – Official Announcement Trailer

Planet Zoo’s Europe DLC features greater than 250 bits of new winter scenery inspired by a few of Europe’s most idyllic destinations and introduces five new creatures towards the game such as the snow-dwelling Eurasian Lynx the All downhill Ibex, using its characteristic huge horns the ecu Badger, who makes its home in subterranean burrows the ecu Fallow Deer, instantly recognizable by its chestnut coat and also the Fire Salamander exhibit animal, whose vibrant yellow markings will defend against predators but are certain to dazzle visitors.

Planet Zoo’s Europe DLC arrives plus the free 1.8 Update on December 14. The Fir.8 update brings by using it a variety of extras and enhancements, including burrowing, animal memorials, customizable restaurants, and much more.

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