PS5 Is About to Get Some Big Upgrades – IGN Daily Fix

On today’s IGN The Fix: Games, The new sony has outlined what’s arriving the 2nd major PS5 system software update. The update includes additional features for Ps 5, Ps 4, PS Application, and also the PS Remote Play application. Ps 5 will get new control center personalization options and social features. There are many other enhancements to expect to, for example 3D Audio support for built-in TV loudspeakers, and much more. The Ps September system software update launches globally on September 15, 2021. ShiftUp Chief executive officer Hyung-Tae Kim has purchased enough PS5’s for the whole studio. The over 250 Ps 5’s were acquired in order to reward workers and lift office morale. The studio is presently focusing on a PS5 exclusive that belongs to them, Project Eve. The hack and slash adventure has been built using new Unreal Engine tech. Techland, the developer behind Dying Light 2, has announced an update around the development process for that game – that has been delayed until Feb 4, 2022. The studio shared an announcement surrounding Dying Light 2: Stay Human around the game’s official Twitter account and pointed toward the ambitious nature from the project among the primary causes of its delay. John has everything inside your Daily Fix!

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