QuakeCon at Home Livestream

Watch QuakeCon in your own home, featuring Pete Hines, a panel discussion of Representation in Game Titles, interviews with Janina Gavankar and Lead Producer of Prety Tell, Susan Kath, and also the Disaster Eternal Panel with Hugo Martin & Marty Stratton.

Donate for charitable organization here: https://quakecon.bethesda.internet/en/charitable organization-initiatives/

*Occasions have been in EST*

12.00 PM – Thanks For Visiting QUAKECON In Your Own Home

1.00 PM – The Elder Scrolls Online Voice-Over Chat – Featuring Jennifer Hale & Robbie Daymond

2.00 PM – Fallout 76 – A Colossal Problem Boss Event

3.30 PM – Disaster Eternal – Ultra Nightmare with Achievement Hunter

5.00 PM – Representation in Game Titles

6.00 PM – Prey Tell with Janina Gavankar and Susan Kath

7.30 PM – Disaster Eternal Panel with Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton

10.00 PM – Alienware Hour with rxysurfchic Final Achievements in Disaster Eternal

11.00 PM – 3 Amigos as well as their (Disaster) Demons – 3 Amigos y sus Demonios

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